O Kami No Odori Healing

O Kami No Odori

With Sue Bartel


O Kami No Odori is a powerful healing modality inviting an individual to open to the great light within, to one’s gifts and potential, to the inner oneness with the Divine. This healing experience is intended for those seeking inner freedom, great growth, quantum leaps. During a healing session, the great beings, angels, come to offer healing and love, with their healing energy going very deep, dissolving barriers, lifting burdens and reconnecting one to her or his deepest, truest, laughing, loving self. The healing energy very powerfully and compassionately transforms both conscious and unconscious emotional, mental and spiritual blocks, negative energy patterns, traumas, painful memories. The great beings then harmonize, stabilize and expand one’s energy fields and open the chakras (energy centers in the body) even more to the radiant light and love within.

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“Light will someday split you open…. Love will surely bust you wide open 
into an unfettered, blooming new galaxy.” Hafiz

Susan Bartel will facilitate the O Kami No Odori Healing.  She is a healing practitioner who has trained extensively in this tradition and has been offering healing sessions with various healing modalities for the past thirty years.  Her intent in offering O Kami No Odori sessions is to serve the highest good and greatest joy of all.

The group healing session is limited to seven participants. To register, please contact Sue at sbartel@sbcglobal.net or 262-238-1199.

The cost for the session is $65, or $55 if you pre-register

Please feel free to contact Sue with any questions.

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