Infusion Fitness


Infusion Fitness

with Jori Azinger

Infused with the 4 Greats.  Self Generosity, Self Compassion, Self Love and Self Kindness.

Move your amazing body, to amazing music for an amazing workout and find the balance between deep listening and your expressive opus.  Play in the spaciousness of freedom while sweating out what you are done with.

Keep it simple by following your own body wisdom.

Keep it safe by modifying each movement to fit the moment.

Keep it raw by not needing to know everything.

Discover how much fun it can be to let go and launch yourself into imperfectly perfect you.  Dance your heart onto your sleeve and allow the beat of its drum to bring you back home.

Leave your inner critic at the door, bring your bare feet, your bestest dancepants or swirling skirt and come sweat your sacred irreverence.

Cop an attitude or cop a move – all is well.


This is a choreographed class.  The movement is offered with no strings attached.  You can take the basic move and build on it yourself or follow the build from the instructor.

You WILL become more coordinated

You WILL become stronger

You WILL develop a robust ability for the brain to function higher

You WILL warm your soul

You WILL secure a new confidence

You WILL fortify, reinforce and firmly stand in your truth

You WILL disown, renounce and disinherit what is not yours

You WILL substantially feel better

You WILL discover that a stiff upper lip is best softened with a kiss

Join Jori on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9am for 55 minutes of Infusion Fitness.


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