The HeartSpace Studio is a portal between the worlds where we can be transported into a world of pure presence, where we experience the wild and vibrant life that we are. The HeartSpace Studio is for anyone that is by nature curious. It is for you if you like to try new things, meet new people and where the touch of freedom creates greater Life Giving, Heart Centered Living.

StrikeHeartSpace Studio: (262)242-6521

What comes to mind when you read this description? Do you see yourself dancing uninhibitedly, free, without any fear of being right or wrong or good enough? Do you immediately disconnect from the possibility of allowing your body to move to music that thrills your heart and soul? Do you conjure up images of people laughing at you when you let go and just be, moving without thought, freeing the inner child, the rebel, the dancing maniac, the repressed adult? Do you hear a narration of all kinds of rational, reasonable, societally acceptable justifications for not allowing yourself the freedom that you know you want on so many levels?

Welcome to the club! Let’s face it, friend, we’ve been conditioned to be cautious, to follow the crowd, to do what pleases, not stand out, hold back our true feelings, and be bored. It’s time to break the chains! And when you step onto the HeartSpace Studio floor and see people around you who are just like you, breaking their chains of conditioning, allowing their dancing fool self to break loose, people who don’t know anything at all about “how” to dance and yet are moving their joyous heart out through their body, when you hear and feel Jori inviting you with complete acceptance and non-judgment to just be, and be freely moving… well, friend, accept the invitation! See you on the dance floor!

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